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Travelink's internet side of the business is represented by Greatest_Getaways in British Columbia, and across Canada, many getaways in the United States, as well as destinations all over the world.

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Read some of Chris’ travel articles that have appeared in publications worldwide. Most of those listed here are for the spa, hotel and travel trade; her consumer newspaper and magazine articles are featured on

Originally founded by writer and author Chris McBeath as a vehicle for her monthly columns, guide books, destination articles, photography and involvement in various tourism related issues, Travelink has grown into a network of diverse professionals.

Today, the company offers expertise in a broad spectrum of services: as a content provider to many sites such as Art-BC. video production, tourism marketing, destination publicity, travel trends, and travel writing. Travelink’s principal, Chris McBeath, is one of North America’s top authorities on spas, spa wellness and spa operations.

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