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Through her associate company, Ink Communications, Chris McBeath also works on a few selected areas outside of her specialty in travel and tourism. She provides a range of communications services and writes about holistic health and well being, pediatric health care and rehabilitation, and one of North America’s fastest growing phenomena: home businesses and entrepreneurs.

Yes! We Have No Bananas

Yes! We Have No Bananas by Chris McBeath We gazed at each other for several minutes, curious, watching and barely breathing in case we disturbed the moment. Once in a while his eyes gave way to another distraction but always, they came back. Then, quite unexpectedly, his elastic lips blew me a kiss and when I returned the compliment, he flashed a toothy grin, threw his head back in seeming delight and swung a rope closer. We continued our flirtatious dance until he was barely five feet away and there we stayed, suspended in time while we


The Online Purchasing RevolutionOf all the socio demographic factors one might reference, it’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) that is primarily revolutionizing the purchasing behaviour of virtually every single consumer. And of all the industries feeling that transformation, travel is one of the largest.  InnFocus


Redefining Space and Experiences Design concepts used to be solely about soft furnishings, luxurious linens, and sleek plumbing fixtures but oh, how the world is changing. Today’s guests not only have higher-than-ever expectations, but they defy traditional definitions of type.  InnFocus


FIRST RULE: Don't call them Seniors Ever since the first boomer was born in 1946, the baby boomer generation has disrupted traditional values and expectations with every passing decade. Now entering their senior years, not only are boomers redefining the term “senior citizen”, they are set to reshape much of the travel industry. InnFocus


Four provinces, four mighty rivers and a collection of cities big and small From grizzly bears on the west coast to polar bears on the shores of Hudson Bay, Canada’s four westernmost provinces, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, offer meeting professionals extraordinary variety. Smartmeetings.com


Kids are the New VIPs, InnFocus.    At the Luxury Family Travel Show held in Cannes earlier this year, kids were heralded as today’s clients, not the clients of tomorrow. For many players that theme has upped the industry ante of what family travel is all about, even for those who aren’t in the luxury market.


A Jackpot of Authentic Adventure Few places in the U.S. are as anomalous as Nevada, and perhaps no more so than Las Vegas, which thrives on surprise. But look beyond Vegas, and the state of Nevada also defies expectations. Smartmeetings.com


Changing With The Times Much is happening in room service these days. Where some hotels are choosing to eliminate it all together in favour of providing a grab-and-go service in the lobby, others are morphing it into a deluxe in-room dining experience. Alberta Hospitality


Pampered pooches and their pawdicures When Leona Helmsley died last year, it was a headline obituary, in large part because she left $12 million in a trust fund to care for Trouble, her beloved, albeit high-maintenance, Maltese. Trouble has luxurious taste and is such a picky pooch that she doesn’t eat normal dog food, agreeing to dine only if she is hand-fed on chef-prepared gourmet meals. As extreme as this sounds, however, Trouble is not alone among the world’s pampered pooches. Pets are serious business, and dogs especially are a fast-growing market sector. PULSE

“Great travel writing consists of equal parts curiosity, vulnerability and vocabulary….”


“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.”

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