The Best Chinatowns in North America

With so many historic and authentic Chinese communities across North America, there’s no need to cross the Pacific to get a taste of China’s cultural mosaic. According to TravelAgeWest, here are some of the best Chinatowns in North America… and I tend to agree. Los Angeles Los Angeles Chinatown is actually the city’s second incarnation of the neighborhood. The original Chinatown, founded in the late 1800s, was paved

Age-Defying Boomers

I’ve just written an article about the Aging Baby Boomer generation and how it is reshaping travel expectations from hotels revamping bathrooms to include safety rails to adventure experiences that will satiate the thirst that these globe-trotters-in-their-youth have, now that they have the time and means to travel more comfortably. Here are some sobering thoughts …. in North America, a boomer celebrates their 65th birthday every 7 to 11

More Great City Freebies

Here are a few more freebies to enjoy when visiting these cities ….. 7. Reichstag, Berlin, Germany If only these walls could talk ….. they’d probably talk of walls. Not to mention suspected arson, air raids, Nazi zeal and ignominious decay – the German Parliament building has seen it all since its completion in 1894.  But since the fall of Berlin’s infamous city-slicing concrete barrier, the Reichstag has

More Free Things in Great Cities

Continuing on in my (and Lonely Planet’s) recommendations of some city freebies to make your travel dollar streeeeeetch: 4. Walking tour, Reykjavik, Iceland Despite the economic meltdown, this almost-Arctic island is still going to test your bank balance. So freebies here taste all the sweeter – and Goecco’s Reykjavik Free Tours are as unique and feisty as a shot of brennivin (the local firewater – drink with caution). These

Three Top Freebies in Great Cities

As winter blahs have you hunkering down with travel brochures …. put these Lonely Planet (and my) recommendations into the mix: 1. Tea, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey Pyramids of spices waft their pungent scents and cabinets of gold glitter and dazzle. Lanterns dangle, ceramics teeter and tourist tat triumphs – Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is a retail blitzkrieg, an undercover labyrinth of endless stuff. Browing the stalls is wonderful but

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